Residential Property Opportunities

An alternative to buy-to-let investment

Residential Property Opportunities (RPO) offer a highly profitable, low-maintenance alternative to traditional buy-to-let benefits. Properties come complete with a Life Tenant who is responsible for maintaining and insuring the property for you. You receive vacant possession when the existing tenant moves into long-term care or dies.

In contrast to buy-to-let investments, these opportunities are truly ‘hands off’ and do not involve void periods, on-going maintenance costs, annual management fees, or tax issues.

When your tenant dies or goes into long-term care, your property can be:

  • Rented to provide income, with no mortgage to service
  • Re-mortgaged to raise capital tax free
  • Sold at market value to realise the capital gain

This is an attractive medium to long-term addition to an existing portfolio that serves as an excellent option to fund, for example, future school fees or children stepping on to the property ladder.